Don’t Forget About Dad!  Father’s Day Gift Guide
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Don’t Forget About Dad! Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is right around the corner (ahem… it’s THIS Sunday), so you better get on that gift giving bandwagon… and fast!  Here are some fun options any Dad is sure to love, even if you’re lacking in the creativity department.   Aidan Gill for Men old-fashioned shave, $35 ♣   Timex for J Crew … Continue reading

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Awkward Cleaning
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Awkward Cleaning

No one particularly enjoys cleaning, but according to advertisers, it can be exhilarating  glamorous, infuriating and even lead to suicidal breakdowns!  Just take a look at the awkward stock photos posted recently on Huffington Post… and a few more I found across the inter-webs.  Next time you’re bummed out about cleaning, just think… at least you’re … Continue reading


Happy Sconce Day!

It’s sconce installation day in the Hammer and Heels household, which means, Joe and I will probably be screaming at each other shortly.  I do have high hopes for this project though, thanks to some SERIOUS planning on Joe’s part.  He’s put together a 30 point (yes, 30 point) installation guide.  It starts with a … Continue reading