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Six tips for creating the next big idea

At the heart of every successful business is a big idea. Some ideas are simple, and you may wonder how you never thought them while others are revolutionary, and you will wonder how someone was able to come up with such an idea. Some people have creative minds, and big ideas flow naturally while others need help to come up with any idea, but once they get the idea, they will implement and run with it on their own.

Before implementation of the innovation can start, one has first to come up with the idea. The following are six tips for creating the next big idea:

· Recognize your skills

Most of the successful entrepreneurs who have come up with some of the greatest ideas focused on their skills and knowledge to come up with the idea.

Are you a marketer or a programmer with some creativity to spare? To find out, Identify your skills or strengths then begin to think which big idea can come out the skills. 

· Identify an existing opportunity

While some businesses are launched from a revolutionary idea, some of the famed entrepreneurs created their big ideas by identifying the solution of an existing problem. Identifying a viable solution to an obstacle is the basis of creating something with an already existing audience. Figure out how your skill or strength in the field you specialize such as technology can help make life simpler or simply make a certain task more efficient and you might come up with the next big idea.

· Think Outside The Box

Your idea should be able to come up with a product that does something quicker, better or cheaper than the rest of the similar product in the market. If you want to create something that already exists, ensure that it is an improvement and everyone knows what unique thing it can do and the other similar products cannot.

· Collaborate With Others

Two minds are often better than one and certainly ten will be far better. Therefore, it is beneficial to have many people in the brainstorming phase Since each person thinks differently, there will be many creative outlets which will aid you in coming up with that big idea.

Get a conference room, close the door and no one should come out until all creative ideas are fully exhausted.

· Analyze the market

The idea may be on improving something that is already in existence but before you finally implement it examine the market using similar venture. Do a thorough research on past attempts of the same idea and the marketing campaigns that helps to elevate startups in your targeted market.

Keep in mind that even if your idea is viable, your ambition should also be substantial. Work on your idea, build an audience and plan effectively to rise above the past failures.

For example, the Idea of FaceBook came after the failure of other similar social platforms like Friendster and MySpace, which died during their implementation period. However, Facebook was able to rise above and become one of the biggest idea ever created.

· Get Feedback

After you have an idea of what the next big thing will be, research the market and find out what people think of the particular service or product.

Is it dependable or overpriced? Are there any improvements that could be made to improve its performance or functionality? These questions should be included in the targeted consumer’s survey.

The feedback should be a major consideration in the conceptualization stage, and it will help you make an informed decision on what exactly the customer’s needs or wants.

· Keep making improvements

Even after implementing the product, you should constantly upgrade, rethink all its aspects and never settle until you have managed to solve all the problems which are practically impossible since new ones keep coming up. This means that you will always be on your toes making improvements and upgrading the products to satisfy the transforming needs of the consumers.

Also, making improvements regularly and strengthening the product will keep you ahead of the competitors and help you maintain the possession of your invention.

By recognizing your skills and capitalizing the opportunities that make the skills to shine, you will be able to create an idea which could be the next big thing. Though pursuing a big idea can be daunting, it is well worth every effort.

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