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Lighter, Brighter Living Room

Quorum Salento Persian White Chandelier, Lamps Plus

It was the deal of a lifetime.

At $298.99, the Quorum Salento Persian White Chandelier from Lamps Plus is a ridiculous steal to begin with.  The delicate arms and rustic finish offer a casual, yet sophisticated feel that balances the sparkle and shine of our sconces.  It reminds me of countless chandeliers I’ve drooled over in shops and magazines.  We however, didn’t pay $298.99.  After considering the fixture for months, I dropped into a Lamps Plus in Sacramento and found a floor model hanging by the door for half price!  They were practically giving it away.

Mom and Dad were kind enough to ship it to New Orleans in the only box they could find that was big enough- from the new toilet installed in their motorhome.  After a couple hours of work, Joe and I were pleased to toss out our former ugly black fan and welcome the Quorum Salento into our lives.  No one has to know how much we paid for it…

5 thoughts on “Lighter, Brighter Living Room

  1. I just ordered this same chandelier! That’s how I found your blog…look for pic of it. Where did you find your ceiling medallion to go with this piece? It goes so well with it. Or do you remember the dimensions?

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