Kitchen Envy

With our living and dining room renovations nearing completion, I’m starting to turn my attention toward kitchen inspiration.  I love the idea of cream cabinets, but it’s the countertops, backsplash and accent color I’m still thinking about.  We have plenty of teal and sage tones in our home and I found a bright and cheery kitchen and family room remodel that would fit in perfectly with our scheme.  From the cloudy blue tile to the built-in banquette, the entire space is livable and inviting.  Kudos to Virginia Kitchens and Harry Braswell Inc. for creating such a gorgeous space.

Cozy banquette overlooks the garden

Open concept and large island create easy flow and ample work space

Even the sink is sky blue

That blue backsplash!

Porcelain apron-front sink creates a casual, country feel

Adjoining family room continues the kitchen’s color scheme

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Envy

  1. Love that kitchen and open space to family room….but not crazy about the blue/teal color…brighter would be better for me.

  2. Go neutral on anything permanent, like countertops, cabinets & backsplashes. Use paint to change your color schemes. In fact, forget the backsplash…just use paint, wallpaper, or very neutral glass tiles and then it can be changed out easily. Many a “turquoise or pink” tile, sink, toilet or bathtub has had to be torn from older homes. Keep the color in the paint and fabric and it can be updated or changed whenever you’re in the mood! Love the creamy whites….

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