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Surprising Combination: Yellow and Brass

Generally when I watch HGTV Design Star it’s with more of an “I can’t believe they’re doing that shit” mentality and less of a “Wow, what a great idea” mentality.  However, last week’s episode, which I found squirreled away on my DVR, was an exception to the norm.

She could use some polishing on camera, but contestant Britany Simon has been knocking out some pretty impressive spaces.  The challenge last week was to create a room featuring a randomly chosen color, in her case yellow, and I thought she hit a home run.  It wasn’t the design that impressed me insomuch as the innovative combination of yellow with metallics.  Britany blended nothing shy of sunshine with gold and brass throughout her condo’s main floor, adding warmth and richness to the space.

Below you’ll find her room and a few other ideas.

HGTV Design Star Britany Simon

HGTV Design Star Britany Simon

Marigold, brass and warm wood tones

Yellow and gold chairs, Alice O’Brien

Yellow striped tile, Jay Jeffers

6 thoughts on “Surprising Combination: Yellow and Brass

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