I never knew filthy until…

…I started cleaning this damn house.  Over the past week, I’ve learned the subtle distinction between rat poop and mouse poop.  It’s the type of information I would have happily gone my entire life without knowing.  I’ve also found at least a dozen cockroach carcasses.  Delish! Let’s hope in the process of sanitizing this place … Continue reading

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We’re Officially Official Homeowners (It’s Official)!

After a rollercoaster week, we’ve officially signed on the dotted lines (all 8,954,823) of them.  We’re HOMEOWNERS!  It truly is an incredible feeling.  In some ways, I think it’s as big of a committment as marriage.  I’ve always loved Joey, but now we’re hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt…together.  How romantic! Now, back to … Continue reading


Learnin’ the Lingo

New Orleans’ speak is none like any other.  Instead of grocery shopping, you’re “making groceries.”  Instead of “hello and how are you,” people in these parts ask “where y’at?”  And when grandpa’s in New Orleans, he’s better known as “Paw Paw.” The pronunciations are even worse.  Locals come to fisticuffs over the how to say … Continue reading